BC Pipe Dressing-22 is very unique heat resistant coating for steam pipeline and steam machinery, and it is a very popular item protecting steam machinery against corrosion.

  • Top surface harden to protect outside impact
  • Remains soft salve-like texture underneath
  • Flexible soft film underneath can comply with steel expanding and shrinking
  • Constant quality under high and low temperature
  • Minimum surface preparation required
Surface preparation
  • Remove scale, loose rust, dust and other foreign matters by scraping and brushing (equivalent to SIS St2)
  • Keep the surface dry at normal temperature
  • Streamline
  • Steam operated equipment
  • High temperature structure
  • Color – Caramel/rubbery
  • Temperature suitability – 60℃ to 230℃
  • Coverage – 0.5m2/kg (based on 2mm thickness)
  • Surface Drying time – 48hr
  • Packing – 16kg/pail
  • IMPA CODE 45 07 91

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