Check out steel cable sling, crane cable sling

If the steel cable sling appears the following signs, the cable should be removed immediately, not reused for other uses to ensure the safety of users.

Steel cable is broken

The cable is severely abrasive or scratched

The cable is twisted, broken, or otherwise damaged by structural damage to the cable

Cable is affected by temperature

The cable end is cracked, deformed or worn

Cable, accessories, and cable ends are corroded.

Other causes include visible damage, or doubts about the safety of the cable

Check the steel cable sling

1. Initial Inspection: Before being put into use, be sure to wire the steel cable into the new fiber, if the old sling has been replaced or repaired, a person must be inspected. About the safety of the cable.

2. Regular inspection: The damage can be seen by the user checking daily or by a designated person before checking the cable every time he changes the steel cable sling. If any indication of unsafe cable can be dangerous, it is necessary to remove the cable from the equipment immediately.

3. Periodic inspection: A comprehensive full examination of sling damage must be done periodically by a designated person. Check the entire length of the cable including cable, cable tips, and accessories. After checking the entire steel cable, it must be recorded in minutes, which takes effect for not more than 1 year. Frequency of periodic inspections must be based on:

Frequency of use of cable
The degree of damage of the cable
Equipment for operating cable

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