The cause of the steel wire rope of the tower crane is twisted due to the influence of the weight and weight of the crane itself.
First, with anti-twisted cables, before using the wire must be routed in the loop in the right direction, when rolling into the cable should be slow, winding in line, not to roll.
In addition, the working length of the cable must be freely released, the greater the weight and the perpendicular length of the wire, the higher the cable routing and tangle capacity. Only follow the method of drop wire, the new cord is not twisted or twisted very little.



The tower crane is very twisted (tangled), how to solve it thoroughly?

Below are some of the ways professionals often use:

Roll the rope (dropping the cable)
Change the two ends of the string
Pull all the wire on the crane down to the ground and slowly pull up
If you used all three ways, also changed the new wire and steel cable twisted when the cable pay attention to turn back several rounds.

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